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Hello there!

Thank you so much for making a gift for me! Here is some additional information that may interest you while deciding what gift to make. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on anon on my tumblr here.

For Any/All Requests

As a general thing, I love both platonic and romantic fic, so feel free to do either. Gen is also good! I like most polyships too, so feel free to ask me about that.

I have selected fanart and fanfiction for all prompts because I love both, so please feel free to do whichever option you prefer! I have made an effort to include separate prompt options for art and fic to make it easier on you, since I know some kinds of prompts are difficult to fill in art form (or fic form), but feel free to take inspiration from any prompt option regardless of the media designation!

Prompts that are easier to write:

I love fluff and comedy, especially when they're together. Some tropes I like are mutual pining, shenanigans, friends to lovers, rivals to friends (to lovers), banter, fake dating, meet-cutes, soulmate aus (esp platonic soulmates omg), didn't-know-they-were-dating, Canadian shacks, high school party games, "oh no they're hot" moments, dumb characters being dumb, awkwardness, bros in love, and smooches. Any of the above tropes by themselves or in any combination is awesome. :)

Prompts that are easier to draw:

For art, like, y'all are talented as hell, anything you make will probably make me scream and cry anyway. Some tropes I like are blushing, characters switching outfits, literally sleeping together/cuddling, smooches, characters switching color pallets, and characters saying/doing dumb things. Once again, any of the above or any combination of the above are all fine!

Prompts for both:

Halloween-centric fic! I also love trick-or-treating, costume party shenanigans, pumpkin carving, bobbing for apples, haunted house employee aus, characters getting scared shitless in haunted houses, eating too much halloween candy, getting lost in corn mazes... you name it.

About Tricks:

In my requests, I've chosen almost all treats, and that's because I tend to be a little pickier about the dark fic that I can handle. That being said, if you are really into writing tricks instead of treats, I'm happy to list a few options. Trick fic tropes I like (for art and fic!) include: witch AUs, monster AUs, demon AUs, zombie apocalypse/zombie aus, post-apocalypse aus, Buzzfeed unsolved AUs, and ghost AUs. It's okay if you want to go angsty and dark, but please pay attention to my Do Not Want list.

About NSFW fills:

"You have lots of cutesy prompt stuff, but I wanted to give you porn! D:" it's chill, friendo. Have no fear. Let me describe in detail the shit I'm into.

Girls. Just, in general. I still like slash, but if you're up for it, femslash and het are also things I very much enjoy. Particularly, girls being dominant? For het stuff, I really like guys (especially big buff guys) who worship the ground their ladies walk on. I will literally die of happiness if you give me a gift with pegging. Also I like boobs a lot?

In general, any kind of reversal of typical fandom designations for dominant/submissive characters is great, i.e. characters that are usually shown as submissive/"bottom"/etc being dominant, or vice versa.

Other sexy tropes I like include getting horny at awkward/inopportune times, sex in semi-public/public places, sex comedy, arguing/banter during sex, noisy sex, hot 'n heavy make outs, wall kissing/sex/whatever, light bondage, praise kinks, really awful/awkward first times, kink negotiation, kink discoveries, horribly timed sexting, sexual frustration, and masturbation while having normal conversations over the phone (e.g. "hey, could you grab milk from the store? also i'm jerking off rn, don't mind me").

As a side-note, though, please don't include any super "out there" kinks without asking first!

About Character Headcanons:

I'm pretty chill with any race, gender, sexuality, or disability headcanon you might have about a character, so feel free to include it if you want. You can also ask if you're unsure! I especially enjoy trans character headcanons and ADHD/autistic character headcanons.

Do Not Want list:

- Major character death
- Extreme body horror
- Extreme gore
- Dub-con/Non-con
- Break-up fic
- Mpreg (unless it involves trans characters)
- Sexual content involving characters under 16 (aged up/future fic is fine)
- Incest
- Scat/Water sports
- Ddlg, pet play, slavery (even if it's role-play)

And with that, let's get to the individual fandoms...

Fandom-Specific Info

The prompts included here aren't any more or less preferable than the general ones, so feel free to do either! These are mostly to give you more specific options, because I know some people prefer more detailed prompts.

Agent Carter

Cartinelli for life. I love my historical sapphic ladies.

Some prompts:
- Angie and Peggy struggle to hide their relationship from Mrs. Fry and constantly get into more and more unlikely situations in their efforts to hide it from their landlady. Good thing the other women in the boarding house are on their side.
- Angie is an art enthusiast, traveling from far away to see her favorite painting at a very specific museum. Peggy is an undercover art thief scouting the museum the day before she plans to steal that painting. An unlikely relationship develops....
- Peggy is a spy at a coffee shop to meet her mysterious anonymous informant. She accidentally sits down and strikes up a conversation with Angie, who, after a few minutes, is very clearly just an average citizen and not her informant. But Peggy doesn't exactly want to stop this conversation just yet....
- Either/both of them in some really snazzy 50s fashion
- Alternatively, either/both of them in futuristic fashion

For NSFW Fills:
- Very quiet sneaky sexy times in the Griffith? Idk, whatever you like if probably good honestly.

Do Not Want:
- I'm not especially fond of any of Peggy's other canon love interests. I'd rather not receive a fic focused on those relationships romantically, though platonic stuff is always fine.

Boku no Hero Academia

I literally got into this like, less than a month ago but I'm already in hell. I like Midoriya/Bakugou, Midoriya/Uraraka, and Midoriya/Todoroki, but it looks like Todoroki wasn't nominated as a character?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿ Oh well. Any sort of platonic relationships for this fandom are fantastic, this is such a great show for mutually supportive friendships!!

Some prompts:
- Todoroki literally bursts into flame instead of blushing. People around him are, understandably, confused
- Similarly, Bokugou explodes when he blushes. Feel free to construct any funny situations you want with that.
- AU where characters switch quirks!
- Some sort of spell/quirk/whatever suddenly makes everyone fall in love with Uraraka, but Midoriya's behavior doesn't change.... Also would be great for Midoriya/Bakugou or Midoriya/Todoroki
- All Might being a supportive dad to Midoriya

For NSFW Fills:
Midoriya wrecking Bakugou p l e a s e. Just... anything where Bakugou is completely and utterly falling apart. Alternatively, any kind of quirk kinks.

Do Not Want:
- Mineta
- Bakugou being excessively verbally/emotionally/physically abusive. I know it's canon and all but I'd really like him to be able to grow and develop as a character beyond that. If you plan on developing him in your fill, however, then I'll trust your judgement. Do what you like.
- NSFW fics that involve characters under the age of 16 (aged up/future fic is fine)

Check Please

OH BOY! I fuckin love this webcomic, my dude. Nurseydex is my OTP for this fandom—however, I know that none of the frogs were nominated as characters.... so... obviously that's just a bonus option. Zimbits, Holsom, and Chowder/Farmer are some other favorite pairings, but I also like Shitty/Lardo and Chowder/Farmer/Nursey/Dex.

Some prompts:
- Firefighter AUs that don't end in death!! Bitty carries 220 lb Jack Zimmermann from a burning building and can't quite figure out why this tall beautiful man is staring at him like that. (Bonus if Jack is still a pro hockey player, and double bonus if Bitty doesn't know). Ransom saves Holster with CPR, only to realize that Holster was faking being unconscious because wow this guy is so hot i want his mouth on me right now. Nursey and Dex as rivals on the same squad, arguing as they compete over saving people from fires, Legolas and Gimli style. Tiny but awesome firefighter Lardo who lifts more weight than should be humanly possible. Idk man, run with this wherever you want.
- Jack is a history vlogger (think Crash Course) and Bitty instantly takes an interest in pre-WWII history. (Inspired by this prompt.)
- AU where they're all figure skaters
- Ransom and Holster not realizing they're actually in love with each other until they have to move out of the Haus
- Any of the boys teaching Lardo to skate
- Chowder teaching Farmer to skate
- Kegster shenanigans
- Dex and Nursey having to share their room while mutually pining
- Jack and Bitty are a couple on house hunters and the show runners keep trying to find ways to create drama but Jack just agrees with whatever Bitty says (or maybe he doesn't? it's up to you)

For NSFW Fills:
Everyone in this webcomic has a praise kink, I don't make the rules. Umm alternatively, Ransom/Holster/Alexei Mashkov threesome

Do Not Want:
- Kent Parson being a central character (my feelings on him are complicated, so it's probably easier to just avoid him if possible)


I'm most interested in Kageyama/Hinata, Yachi/Kiyoko, and platonic Karasuno first years. I also love Tanaka/Noya, but those characters weren't nominated so that is, of course, just a bonus option! I also like Tanaka/Hinata but like,,,, lmao that's a long shot. Polyships and queer-platonic relationships are also wonderful!

Some prompts:
- The Karasuno first years are an unlikely group of thieves working together to pull off a heist.
- Hockey AU
- Alternatively: Figure skating AU
- Kageyama and Hinata are both Big Name Fans who can't stop making call-out posts about each other
- Back to back fighting! Battlefield, video games, laser tag—it's up to you.
- Frat AU where Tanaka and Noya are frat bros who also... maybe... love each other.
- Some guy hits on Yachi, and Kiyoko immediately pretends to be Yachi's girlfriend. (or vice versa)
- Kiyoko is a literal goddess, and Yachi is the only one who knows

For NSFW Fills:
Once again, I'm a sucker for "role" reversals. Give me dominant Yachi, or Kageyama bottoming for a change, or Tanaka being a sub. Also I really like praise kinks for this fandom. Maybe Tanaka has a thing for being called senpai, y/y? Thighs are nice... Speaking of which, I love Daichi/Suga, and I think Daichi deserves to get absolutely #wrecked by his bf. But it's your call.

Do Not Want:
- Kageyama/Oikawa (sorry, i don't have anything against the pairing, it's just *really* not my thing.)
- NSFW fics that involve characters under the age of 16 (aged up/future fic is fine)


This was my first real fandom and I've never quite managed to leave, even though it's been, like.... eight years? Jesus Crust. My favorite pairings are France/UK, Spain/Romano, Canada/Ukraine and Prussia/Hungary, however, most of those characters weren't nominated (except Hungary). I'll tailor my prompts more towards Hungary-centric things, but keep in mind that I don't mind if you want to do one of the other relationships above, or gen!

Some prompts:
- Hungary as a cool biker lady. I'm just,,, really into the motorcycle aesthetic okay
- Hungary sword fighting. In battle, in practice, as a fencer.... All are wonderful options. I just want to see her being strong and powerful and (possibly) beating people up. Prussia, perhaps?
- Platonic interactions between Hungary and young Italy and/or Holy Rome
- Hungary exploring gender. Trans Hungary (trans boy or trans girl) is v interesting to me.

For NSFW Fills:
Hungary pegging anyone. I know, I know, I'm a broken record.

Do Not Want:
Hungary/Italy or Hungary/Holy Rome

Legend of Korra

I'm gonna be 100% honest: this is basically just a Korrasami prompt. I love Korrasami, would die for Korrasami, would give my firstborn child to Korrasami. Now that we've gotten that out of the way....

Here are some possible prompts, in no particular order:
- Asami is a pirate and Korra is a buff mermaid who decides to flirt with her. Or vice versa?
- Korra is a surfer and Asami is the hot lifeguard who has to "rescue" her (Korra totally had a leg cramp, she swears)
- Spirit world shenanigans!
- College roommates au?
- Alternatively: they keep making out with the same guys at frat parties, but never quite seem to meet, until they do. Korra has been admiring Asami's lipstick choices since like, guy 2.

For NSFW Fills:
dude, just fuck me up. it's hard to go wrong with these two.

Do Not Want:
- I'm really not a big fan of Korra/Mako or Asami/Mako, but platonic interactions are great!


This fandom is my comfort fandom. It has so many wonderful memories for me! My favorite pairings are Merlin/Arthur, Gwen/Morgana, and Gwen/Lancelot (though Lancelot wasn't nominated).

Some prompts:
- Oh no! A spell makes Merlin fall in love with the first person he sees, which happens to be Arthur! But his behavior hasn't changed at all... Interesting. (Vice versa is also good)
- Morgana is the local potion shop owner, and Gwen is an adventurer in need of some goods. Flirting ensues. Or maybe shenanigans ensue? Your call.
- AU where they're all actually just playing a D&D campaign
- Gwen is a pro-athlete and Morgana is her professional model wife
- Merlin dressed as a knight? Or a knight AU!
- AU where they work at Round Table pizza

For NSFW Fills:
Gwen pegging Lancelot um i mean Gwen pegging Arthur uhhhh maybe magic being used in the bedroom? Consensually, please.

Do Not Want:
- Any form of Arthur/Morgana or Morgana/Morgause
- Magical dub-con

Star Wars

I'd greatly appreciate Finn/Poe, Rey/Finn, or Rey/Finn/Poe. They're all such wonderful characters!

Some prompts:
- Oh no, we're stuck in this Very Small shuttle and the engine died and now we have to wait for the rest of the team to come rescue us.... There really isn't much room in here....
- Any of them dressed in queer fashion. Rey in flannel and a snapback? Yes. Poe in a crop top? Yes. Finn with flawless makeup? YES.
- ...hockey au (i have a problem)
- Superhero AU! You decide their outfits, powers, whatever
- Back to back fighting! Battlefield, video games, laser tag—it's up to you.
- Rey helps facilitate Finn and Poe getting together because both of them are hopeless and don't believe that the other one likes them
- Poe really, really, really likes seeing Finn in his jacket
- Through some dare or something, Rey hoists Finn onto her shoulders and gives him a piggy back ride. How the heck is she so strong??? Holy heck. Heck.

For NSFW Fills:
Finn getting loved and/or wrecked by his buff af girlfriend and/or his handsome af boyfriend.

Do Not Want:
- Kylo Ren, especially Kylo Ren/Rey. Please don't.

Voltron: Legendary Defender

So. The pairings I'm most interested in are Keith/Lance, Shiro/Allura, Hunk/Lance, and Allura/Lance. Shay/Hunk and any combination of the generals are also good! I'm not that into Shiro/Keith or Shiro/Lance, though I really love platonic interactions between those characters. In fact, all platonic relationships/team as family/gen fics are good.

Some prompts:
- Any two characters having a platonic day out—making food together, watching a movie, playing video games, gossiping, painting each other's nails, doing each other's hair, you name it.
- Hunk/Lance mutual pining back in the Garrison
- Lance misinterprets Keith's pining or flirting as glaring, being rude, etc. and things Do Not start out well
- Lance flirting really obviously but Keith just... doesn't get it
- Paladins as power rangers y/y?
- Anything inspired by this prompt about the paladins on Family Feud.

For NSFW Fills:
Shiro absolutely 100% loves and respects Allura and sometimes she fucks him in the ass. I'm sorry.

Do Not Want:
- Pidge ships... I'm sorry I just,,, Do you ever have a headcanon so strong that it ruins your ability to enjoy fic without your headcanon? yeah. I really headcanon Pidge as aro/ace. I'm sorry folks.

Yuri on Ice

I'm very invested in Viktor/Yuuri, Yuri/Otabek, and Mila/Sara. I also have been known to dabble in JJ/Isabella.

Some prompts:
- Isabella is a buff hockey player.
- Mila is dating a hockey player and that hockey player is Sara.
- Actually, anyone as a hockey player. I'm not picky. Did you know that Viktor was actually named after Viktor Nikiforov, a real Russian Olympic hockey player? That's right, look it up on wikipedia. Hockey is everywhere.
- Otabek and his motorcycle. That's it, that's the prompt
- Otabek being a DJ. I,,, don't have much more to say
- Yuri and Otabek pining after each other through the internet. Does Yuri really have to post such great selfies to his instagram? Why does Otabek always look so good in those interviews people keep uploading to YouTube?
- Mila and Sara do not hide the fact that they're dating, but all the magazines and new sites keep calling them "gal pals". How long will it take for them to finally realize? What are they able to get away with before things start to get ridiculous?
- Viktor and Yuuri go on their honeymoon
- Viktor and Yuuri as a couple on house hunters with wildly different opinions on what they want. ("No Viktor, listen, we can't afford a jacuzzi—" "Well SOMEONE wouldn't let us get a bedroom for Makkachin, so")

For NSFW Fills:
Please let JJ get sexually destroyed by his fiancee. Or, cute wedding night sex for Viktuuri?

Do Not Want:
- NSFW fics that involve characters under the age of 16 (aged up/future fic is fine)
- Yuri Plisetsky/Yuuri Katsuki or Yuri Plisetsky/Viktor Nikiforov

Thanks for reading through this!

Again feel free to message me on tumblr if you have any questions or concerns!
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Major Tags: None.
Other Tags: Useless gays
Word Count: ~700

Gay ladies yesss



Oh no . Even her voice sounds pretty. Yachi gulps and nervously refolds the corner of the script in front of her. This is going to be a lot harder than she thought.

“Um, hi!” Yachi says into the phone. “Is this---is this Kiyoko Shimizu?”

“Yes, this is she.”

“Hi!” Yachi says again, then smacks her forehead. She's so glad that Kiyoko can't see her through the phone. “Um, I'm Yachi Hitoka. I'm a video game blogger. I was wondering if you might be interested in an interview?”

“Oh,” says Kiyoko. “I don't normally do interviews….”

“I know!” Yachi says quickly. “You haven't done one since you won that tournament in 2013. Not that I've, um. Well.” Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid! “I just thought, what with the tournament coming up, it might be a good idea to give people an idea who they’re rooting for? And i could come to you, if you want---you wouldn't even have to leave your house!”

“What did you say your name was again?”

“Yachi Hitoka...” she says. She hears some clacking on a keyboard on the other end. Oh no, Kiyoko’s probably trying to block her number, or report her, or call the police---


Yachi pauses. “What…?”

“I’d love to do an interview with you,” Kiyoko says smoothly. “Which dates are you available?”

“Oh!” Yachi squeaks. Oh. This is happening. She's going to have an interview with Kiyoko Shimizu, her celebrity crush, and she's going to make a complete fool of herself.



Search History:

Yachi Hitoka

Video game blogger, independent journalist. Active 2012-present. Featured in E-Sports….

A photo appears on the right side of the screen on the first page of results. The girl is smiling, her eyes bright and full if an enthusiasm Kiyoko hasn’t seen in a long time. She's cute.

Kimono wants to meet her.


“So, um,” Yachi begins. She fiddles with her pen, trying desperately not to trip over her own tongue. “How did you get into, um, gaming?”

Kiyoko grins, her smile dazzling. She's even prettier in person, somehow, despite the simple t-shirt and the headset she wears around her neck. Or maybe it’s because of the t-shirt and headset? She seems more approachable, somehow, barefoot and comfortable, and Yachi can barely handle it.

“You wanna know a secret?” Kiyoko says conspiratorially. Yachi nods, not trusting herself to speak. “My first game was Dogz on a DS Lite. I was 8.”

“Really?” says Yachi.

Kiyoko tucks a strand of hair behind her ear, looking almost embarrassed. “Yeah. I got it for my birthday. It's a little silly, isn’t it?”

“No! I mean, a little, but---it was my first game too!” Yachi hurries to say. “I loved that game!”

“Oh,” Kiyoko says. “What a coincidence.”

Yachi almost forgets to take any notes.


Yachi almost can't believe it when her cart crosses the finish line before Kiyoko's. She can't believe she's even still at Kiyoko's apartment to begin with; they finished the interview an hour ago, but Yachi hadn't exactly wanted to leave yet, and Kiyoko hadn't exactly been rushing to push her out the door. Yachi managed to get something out about wanting to get some good background things to write about for her piece, and the next thing she knew they were playing Mario Kart. And she won. Yachi almost wonders if Kiyoko let her win.

“Congratulations,” Kiyoko says with a soft smile. Yachi’s heart skips a beat.

“I'm sure it was just luck!” Yachi says. “I probably couldn't do it again.”

“I don't mean to sound self-important, but… not many people beat me, Yachi,” Kiyoko says. “You’re really good.”

Yachi glows under the praise, stammering out a quick “Thank you” while tryijg to hide her blush. She can feel Kiyoko’s eyes on her and it's making her nervous.

“Can I take you to dinner?” Kiyoko asks suddenly. Yachi whips her head up so quickly she probably gives herself whiplash.

“O-Oh!” Yachi stutters. “You mean--- You mean, like, um….”

“A date,” Kiyoko finishes for her. “If you want. I… admit that an interview wasn't the only thing I had in mind when i agreed to interview with you….”

Yachi gulps. “Yes!” She nods her head, probably a little more vigorously than necessary. “I'd love, um, I'd love a date.”

“Great,” Kiyoko smiles. “Is Friday okay? Around the same time?”


“Wonderful,” Kiyoko says. She leans in and places a small, soft kiss on Yachi’s cheek, and Yachi thinks she might die. “I can't wait.”

And neither can Yachi, she thinks. This is the best interview ever.


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